Personal Training

Personal Training

Your goals in life and sports are as individual as you are, so there’s nothing generic I can say about PT except that I’m level 3 qualified REPs approved in advance resistance training, exercise for fat loss, circuits and core stability, and together with you will find a more enjoyable and suitable challenging way of achieving those goals.

Personal training sessions would typically start with me getting to know you with all the complexity of your body type, medical and life history, goals and ambitions, likes and dislikes. It’s crucial that I help you achieve your goals in the most suitable, challenging but also enjoyable way so I would always encourage my clients to be very open about their expectations and previous exercise experience (both positive and negative). We would also look to run some physical tests setting a benchmark of your cardiovascular (aerobic) fitness, strength, endurance, flexibility etc – all depending on what you are actually trying to achieve and where your strengths and weaknesses are. I would also provide you with a home programme (no – there is no getting away from me!) that you could follow on the days with no PT sessions or other exercise or physical activity.

Together we will also spend time on making your goals as SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timed) as possible – from ever so generic ‘trying to get fit’ we will together establish what exactly are you trying to achieve (whether it is fat loss, running a marathon, increased flexibility, reduced stress levels etc) and identify the optimal ways of getting there.

I would encourage as much feedback as possible from any of my private or group exercise clients and PT is certainly no exception – please let me know of any changes in the goals, medical or even emotional changes – exercise is a great way to deal with stress and mood swings if prescribed correctly, and together we will endeavour to make you not only healthier but happier with every session!

Please note that personal training could also be done in pairs – check out my private sessions offer, and start working out with a friend or partner!